Healthy is the New Beautiful | Dentist 44870

Cosmetic dentistry has been around for ages. We’ve noticed that now, more than ever, people are concerned with overall wellness in addition to a beautiful smile. In past years, we had many patients come to us seeking whitening and seeming unconcerned with ridding their smile of infection and decay.   More recently, however, mainstream news has […]

You Need to Know About Oral Thrush: Here’s Why | Dentist in Sandusky

Even a healthy mouth is lined with bacteria. Normally, your daily oral hygiene routine helps prevent oral health complications. However, it is possible to develop an excess of bacteria and fungi, which can lead to additional problems. Here’s what our 48870 dentist thinks you should know about oral thrush and what you can do to […]

Gaining Wisdom on Wisdom Teeth | 44870 Dentist

Wisdom teeth are the last new teeth that will enter your mouth. Most patients have some form of complications resulting from their wisdom teeth. Did you know that your wisdom teeth can impact your overall health? Here’s what our dentist in 44870 needs you to be aware of regarding your wisdom teeth. The Basics Typically, […]

Can Kissing Be Hazardous to Your Health? | Family Dentist in Sandusky

When you are close to someone you can often be overly comfortable in sharing.  This is especially true with kissing. In one kiss, more than 500 germs can be shared between two people. Sharing a kiss can have an impact on your oral health. Here are some of the dangers of kissing shared by our […]

One Simple Treatment Can Save Your Child’s Smile | Family Dentist in Sandusky OH

Our 44870 dentist might suggest dental sealants for your child during a visit to our office. Sealants are a way to protect your teeth against decay. With any dental treatment, it helps to understand the procedure and how it can impact your child’s oral health. Why Get Sealants? Sealants help to prevent tooth decay. Sealants […]

Tobacco & Your Teeth: The Risks of Chewing and Smoking | Dentist Sandusky OH

Chewing and smoking tobacco are known to cause severe health problems, particularly in the lungs. But the risks to your mouth and teeth can be just as extensive and alarming. If you use tobacco, our dentist in 44870 wants you to stop. Here’s what tobacco can do to your oral health. Chewing Tobacco According to […]

Are You Brushing your Teeth Properly? | Dentist in 44870

Many people are surprised to learn that, for years, they have actually been brushing their teeth the wrong way. Brushing your teeth the wrong way may cause oral health problems. Our 44870 dentist wants you to learn how to brush your teeth the right way and you will protect them for many years to come. […]

Gum Health and Alzheimer’s Disease | Dentist in Sandusky OH

Your gum health may have an impact on your cognitive function. One recent study shared by our dentist in 44870 found a correlation between gum disease and increased cognitive decline for people living with early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. While more studies are needed to make a definitive connection, this study illustrates the importance of […]

5 Tips for Denture Wearers | 44870 Dentist

You still need to take care of your natural teeth. Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush. Taking care of your dentures can seem like an added chore. Don’t worry, with a little effort your dentures can stay clean. Here are 5 tips shared by our dentist in 44870 keeping your dentures clean and your […]

Dental Care Tips While Traveling | Dentist in Sandusky

When you are traveling, it can be challenging to keep up with your usual daily routine. For many people, this can include having difficulty finding the time to properly brush and floss. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, our dentist in 44870 has gathered a few helpful tips to help you stay on […]